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Progeco Vigo provides services in the following specialized areas:

▫ Container depot
- Storage of empty containers
- Container inspection (IICL5, UCIRC y CIC)
- Container maintenance and repair
- Reefer plugging and PTI
- Information to clients via web
- Gate in/out reports via CODECO, fax or email
- Sending of repair estimates via clients M&R web

▫ Cargo handling
- Loading and unloading of containers
- Loading and unloading of trucks
- Storage of goods
- Lashing of special cargo
- In-dock handling of IMO goods
- Technical advice
- Lashing certificates issued

▫ Bonded warehouse
▫ Sale and rental of containers
▫ Transport intermediaries
▫ Feeding warehouses
▫ Logistics operators
Automatic container loading systems   VIDEOS

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