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Progeco Vigo was founded in 1994 in order to meet the wide needs of shipping companies and this in turn brought about the creation of a container depot in the Port of Vigo.

Nowadays, Progeco Vigo is the market leader in the Port of Vigo, not only as a container depot, but also in loading containers, lashing special cargo in flat rack containers and the sale of second hand shipping containers.

Progeco Vigo has a highly-qualified team of specialist personnel in the handling, inspection, repair, loading and lashing of containers, offering a reliable and secure service with the highest standards of quality.

Needless to say, Progeco Vigo is fully aware of its responsibility to fulfill current legislation, and complies with all permits and requisites required by law in reference to the company's activity.

The assurance that our clients' goods will always arrive at their final destination in optimum conditions is key to our standard of service.

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